Campus Habayta

The Campus is the dream of Michael Greenberg, who was a student in the first ulpan session and a lone soldier on Sde Eliyahu. Michael was involved in all stages of the creation of the campus together with the architect, Tzvika Tamari who was born and raised on the kibbutz.

Located on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, Campus Habayta opened its doors in August 2018. The goal of Habayta is to give young Orthodox Jewish adults, from all over the globe, a warm and supporting environment to start their lives in Israel; or in the words of Michael Greenberg, "to embrace the youngsters".


Programs housed in the campus:

Jewish Agency and MASA Hebrew Ulpan

Garin Tzabar

Lone soldier housing - during and after their service


This amazing Campus consists of 4 buildings:

Givon - This is the center of the campus and includes:

Lounge with dairy and meat kitchen, 75"smart television and audio system, pool table, ping-pong table, and library.

Classrooms - 2 classrooms with "smart" boards. One of the classrooms is also a Beit Midrash with sifrei kodesh, and Sefer Torah.

Gilboa - Women's dormitory and house mother's office.

Gilad - Men's dormitory

Golan - Lone soldier housing and weight and laundry rooms.


All rooms in the campus house 2 residents and are air-conditioned, have ceiling fans, mini-refrigerators, and private bathrooms.












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