Ulpan Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is a Hebrew learning/work program on a Modern Orthodox kibbutz.

Since 1968, thousands of young olim have started their lives in Israel on Ulpan Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu.

Tourists experience an unforgettable 5 months in a unique part of the Land of Israel.  

The best way to learn Hebrew is to live the language. Ulpan Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is a 5 month Hebrew learning/work experience on a Modern Orthodox Kibbutz.

Students learn 24 hours a week in class and work 24 hours a week in one of the branches of our kibbutz with Israelis.

Our teaching staff is part of and managed by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Ulpan Sde Eliyahu is both an Israeli and Jewish experience.

Students become part of our community, celebrating Shabbat and all holidays of the Jewish calendar.

Our Kosher dining hall serves 3 meals a day.

There are services in our beautiful synagogue throughout the day.

We explore the land of Israel on trips with licensed tour guides and back- up support of Moked Teva.

Who is eligible for the Ulpan Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu Experience?

Healthy, young Jewish Adults between 18 to 30 years old. Our students can come as olim (new immigrants) or as tourists. All students are required to respect our community’s traditions and atmosphere, meaning:

Students are required to keep and respect Shabbat and holidays.

Keep Kosher.

Men must wear kippot or hats

Women’s pants, skirts, or dresses should be knee high or lower.


Ulpan living conditions

Our current dormitory is a two-level structure with a men’s floor and a women’s floor. Students live 2 to 3 per room and bathrooms and showers are located on the floors. Rooms are air-conditioned and heated. There is a lounge equipped with a dairy kitchenette, TV, and computers. Wi fi is available. We supply linen, towels, work clothing, and laundry service.

Habaita – We are in the process of constructing a new and modern campus for the Ulpan and Lone Soldiers. The campus, called Habaita, is scheduled to open for our 100th program session in March of 2018.


Where will I work?

Work is assigned by our house-mother and is dependent on the daily needs of the kibbutz. We try to suit the students to a job that best suits them. Work options include:

Field crops

Date plantation or olive groves

Organic market garden



Kibbutz store (kolbo)

Dining Hall


Early childhood day care


Facilities on the kibbutz


Library with Beit Midrash

Seasonal swimming pool with men’s, women’s and family hours

Lighted soccer field

Lighted basketball and tennis court

Weight room

Store (kolbo)

Clinic – Managed by the Clalit Health fund


Program Fees

Olim (new immigrants) pay a subsidized fee of 5,000 NIS. This fee is usually paid from the monthly stipend olim receive from the Ministry of Absorption.

Tourists pay $5,650, with students from North America paying an additional $360 registration fee. MASA grants are available for eligible students.

Security Deposit – All students are required to leave a 500 NIS security deposit upon arrival.


How do I register?

Complete our registration form





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